Open Urbanism Courses

Alain Renk
Alain Renk • 11 March 2022

With the Open Urbanism Foundation, we freely share innovative approaches that are recognized as "Best Practices" by UN-Habitat for their ability to accelerate the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals.

The specificity of these approaches is to use the contribution engineering invented by open source software. These large-scale collective intelligence approaches are commons, which progress by iteration each time a territory adds a feature and thus becomes a co-author.

Flyer présentation du 3 février à Ideavox

We want to give public, political and technical leaders a direct and immersive knowledge of these innovative, free and game-changing approaches and tools that can be easily deployed by consultants following tenders.

We propose 3 half-day workshops to help political and technical decision-makers understand the potential of these approaches, as well as their full compatibility with conventional urban planning.

These three half-days are not a conference that presents the principles of open urbanism. Rather, they are immersive "learning by doing" workshops, focused on specific practices. The objective is to develop a new perception of collective intelligence by sharing the concepts and methods that make it safe and effective. 

3 training sessions are planned at Ideavox Vernier.

  • Thursday, April 28 day and Friday, April 29 morning
  • Thursday, May 19th day and Friday, May 20th morning
  • Thursday, June 23 day and Friday, June 24 morning

To register or to set up a training session in your organization, please contact us.

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